Stage 1: Prefiltration and Coalescence

The hydrocarbon and water mixture enters the coalescing element and flows inside to outside. It is recommended that the particulate matter is removed using a 2m absolute pre-filter. The small droplets of dispersed phase liquid come together, or coalesce, as the mixture moves through the depth of specially formulated coalescer medium.

Stage 2: Separation

In separating water from fuel, water free fuel and large water droplets flow toward the separator located directly below the coalescer stage. The separator medium is hydropho- bic, which prevents water from entering the separator. Only water-free fuel flows through the separator. Water and fuel are removed by separate drain connections.

   End Connections
Service Application Max Press in Bar Max Temp 0 in C Inlet Outlet Drain
Water Separation from Liquid HC stream 30 150            1/4" NPTF 1/4" OD