These Filters can be used as Pre-Filter as well as Fine Filter for Gas and Liquid samples. For gas samples it can be used for coalescing action as well. When used along with SS element it can be used as pre-filter. When used with Glass Microfiber element, it can remove particu lates of 0.1 micron with 99.99% efficiency. When used with a coalescing element it can remove condensate from the sample gas. They can be fitted with adsorption cartridges also.

Service Application Max Press in Bar Max Temp 0 in C Filter Element
Non Corrosive Gas Particulate Removal GMF-Std
Corrosive Gas & Liquids Particulate Removal 10 150 GMF-K
Corrosive & Non corrosive Gas Liquid Aerosol removal GMF-C
Pre-Filter, Gas/ Liquid Particulate Removal SS
Non Corrosive Gas Gas Adsorption 7 50 Adsorber