These filters are used to get Fast Response time. They are located near to the analyser in such a way that the bulk of the process fluid is returned back to the process. A small amount of sample is filtered to the analyser. There are two options for Elements—
Glass Microfiber and SS
These filters come in two sizes.
The Element in these filters are continuously flushed by the high flow rate of the sample and hence are suited for heavily contaminated samples.
The advantages of Fast Loop Filters are:
• The high flow rate of the sample does a self cleaning of Element.
• The high Flow rate improves the response time
• Bulk of the process fluid is returned to the process unfiltered.

Service Application Max Press in Bar Max Temp 0 in C Filter Element
Non Corrosive Gas Particulate Removal GMF-Std
Corrosive Gas & Liquids Particulate Removal 10 150 GMF-K
Pre-Filter, Gas/ Liquid Particulate Removal SS