Accurate measurement of gas components requires gas samples with stable dew points even under harsh ambient conditions. The cooling block takes either single stream or a dual stream heat exchanger hence the cooler is suitable to serve two separate gas sample streams. Depending on the System basic principle the condensate is removed either by peristaltic pumps (up to two can be integrated into the coolers cover). By automatic condensate drains or condensate vessels.


• High Quality Robust design
• Easy installation
• Suitable for Ambient up to 50° C
• Operating pressure 1.5 Barg
• Cooling capacity 320kJ
• Flow rate 550LPH


• Easy installation
• Optional Alarm Contacts
• Single & Dual coil Heat Exchanger
• High Dew points stability
• Housing options Available
• Mounting Options Available in same housing


• Reliable & long term operation of an analyzer depends upon efficiency of the sample conditioning system for which stable Dew point of the sample Essential.

• Sample gas coolers are compressor based equipped with efficient Heat Exchanger to provide stable dew point to the sample there by ensuring security with precise performance of the analyzer

• Cooling performance is ensured by having very tight control of temperature directly (Not Mechanical control for temperature)

• The Heat Exchangers are either single coil or dual coil so that two different streams can be catered, very compact housing design ensures best placement of other components with saving of the cost. Insulation at top of heat Exchanger

• Effectively isolates ambient effect.

Technical Specification

Ready For operation Max. 15 Minutes
Cooling Capacity 300 btu/H
Ambient temperature +40…..+120°F
Dew point (Set as factory) Approx. 40°F
Dew point Variations static 0.2°F
Over full operation range ±2,7°F
Power Supply 115 or 230VA, 50/60Hz Plug According to DIN 43650
Power Consumption 290/260 VA, fuse (external) 10A
Alarm Output Max 250, 2A, 50VA Plug acc. To DIN 43650
Protecting class IP 20
Housing MS Powder Coated Option Avb SS304/SS316
Installation Table or wall mounting
Packing Dimensions Approx. 15.5X 12X 16 inches
Weight including Heat Exchangers Approx. 15Kg